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You'll need t check your insurance policy language to be sure, but most homeowners insurance polices in the U.S. these days do not provide coverage for asbestos abatement or related claims arising from asbestos.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos removal as a result of a covered peril?
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Will home owners insurance cover radon removal?

No. This is not what homeowners insurance is designed to do. This is not a covered cause. Homeowners insurance covers more than any other kind of insurance especially with the premium as low as it is.

Does homeowners cover removal of honeybees?

No. Damage from insects would not be covered on a homeowners policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover removal of healthy trees?

No, Homeowners Insurance is Hazard Insurance it does not cover the costs of asthetics. That's landscaping or Lawn Maintenance.

Is removal of trees knocked over onto a neighbor's property by wind during a storm covered by homeowners insurance - no building is involved?

Yes it is covered. If it can be proven that the neighbor was negligent in not removing dead trees that they knew were dead or should have known. In this case the neighbors homeowners insurance would pay for removal under their liability coverage. In most cases each company would pay for the trees on their property.

Does homeowners insurance pay for bee removal?

Not likely. Under not covered items the section reads; Nesting of infestation, of discharge or release of waste products or secretions, by insects, birds, rodents or other animals. This is from American Hallmark but I'm guessing is pretty standard language.

Does home owner insurance policy cover asbestos removal?

It really depends on your insurance co., Auto Owners Ins. doesn't cover asbestos removal, just found out today after my aluminum siding was damaged in hail storm and seen that I had asbestos siding under it and said they don't cover it.

Is a downed pine tree covered by homeowners ins?

Contact your insurance Company and ask them. Most homeowners insurance policies will only cover the cost of tree removal if the tree fell on the house, otherwise if the tree fall did not damage you insured property improvements, then it's just the homeowners own responsibility to remove debris after the occasional storm.

Will homeowners insurance cover mold removal?

You need to check with your home insurer if the cost for mold damage and restoration is covered because it depends on the policy you have. But most home insurers will cover the cost.

What is the best way for removal of asbestos?

I would like to clear my house of asbestos. What is the best technique for asbestos removal?

Will tree removal be covered by wind storm insurance?


Will homeowners insurance pay for removal of a tree that could be threat to property?

Homeowners Maintenance ResponsibilitiesActually, If you know the tree is a Hazard, You should have it removed. This is a maintenance issue, Not an insurance issue.The best way to "lose" your homeowners insurance policy is to use it as a home and property maintenance plan.

Where can one find information on asbestos services?

For asbestos inspection, visit the Asbestos Inspection Services website. For asbestos removal, Asbestos Removal, Inc. or Alpha Environ are better choices.