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It really depends on your insurance co., Auto Owners Ins. doesn't cover asbestos removal, just found out today after my aluminum siding was damaged in hail storm and seen that I had asbestos siding under it and said they don't cover it.

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Q: Does home owner insurance policy cover asbestos removal?
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Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos removal as a result of a covered peril?

You'll need t check your insurance policy language to be sure, but most homeowners insurance polices in the U.S. these days do not provide coverage for asbestos abatement or related claims arising from asbestos.

Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos?

You will need to refer to your Home insurance policy language. Alternatively you can ask your Insurance Agent or company representative. Most Home Insurance Policies these days contain specific language that excludes coverage for Asbestos and Asbestos related claims.

Why doesnt your insurance cover the removal of raccoons?

Insects, pests, vermin, rodents, etc are basic exclusions of an insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

Whether home owners' insurance covers tree removal depends on the particular policy you have. Many policies, but not all, will cover removal of a tree that has fallen on a house. However, a tree fallen across a driveway may be a different matter. Read your policy and talk to you insurance agent or representative.

Will homeowner's insurance pay for mold removal?

Most home insurance companies will cover the cost of the mold removal. But you need to check your policy with the home insurer so that you will not get any surprises.

Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos abatement?

No. All homeowners insurance polices in the United States have language that specifically excludes coverage for Asbestos Abatement.

What is the definition of debris removal in the context of an insurance policy?

debris removal in terms of an insurance policy is the required amount needed to clean up your lot in case of an insured loss (ie fire) For example if your house burns to the ground, there will still be debris lying around in which there are fees to have it removed, certain insurance policies will cover the debris removal others will not.

Does home owners insurance cover fireplace removal- Home inspection did not reveal significant leaking behind the wall. After removal of the wall -it was determined the chimny and fireplace be removed?

No, Your Home insurance policy does not cover the cost of remodeling a home. Your Homeowners Insurance Policy typically provides Property Hazard insurance that covers sudden losses resulting from covered perils such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, etc.

What does home owner insurance not cover?

There are millions of things that a homeowners insurance policy does not cover. To find out what it does cover just read your policy, anything not on there is not covered.

Will insurance Cover tree removal if struck by lightning?

Lightning Struck TreesIf you have an HO3 all risk policy you may have coverage for Removal of damage shrubbery and trees But Generally No. Most home insurance polices are on Form HO1 and HO2 and will not cover the cost of debris removal unless the felled tree has damaged a covered structure on your property.

Does insurance cover a minor driver who is not on your policy?

If they are not on your policy then they are not covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover mold removal?

You need to check with your home insurer if the cost for mold damage and restoration is covered because it depends on the policy you have. But most home insurers will cover the cost.