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It just depends on what level of coverage you bought when you purchased your policy.

It would also depend on the reason it's leaking, Homeowners insurance provides coverage for accidental losses due to the specified perils listed on your policy such as Fire, Wind, Hail etc. If your tank is just leaking because it's old or defective then that would not be covered.

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Q: Does home owner insurance cover leak in your underground oil tank or is home owner responsible?
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Would you have to pay for a car that you wreck but isn't yours?

If you wrecked it, you will be held responsible for it. And the owner could sue. If they gave you permission, their insurance would probably cover it, but the insurance company might come after you. And the owner would certainly want you to cover their deductable.

Who is responsible for a accidents costs the owner of the car or driver?

the accident is cover by insurance if the driver did not have insurance but the owner dose then it should cover for uninsured motorist if the driver was not a excluded driver of the vehicle a excluded driver is like a relative that lives the the policy holder but is not on the policy as a driver

Who is responsible for cargo insurance the company you are leased on to or the truck owner?

Depending on where you are based, most times this is set by your lease agreement. Be Careful ! Many companies do not cover you for enough and in the fine print you are responsible for any shortage not covered by the insurance.

What type of insurance will cover a person home iF the owner dies?

Homeowners Insurance is what you need to cover a home.

If an insured driver with permission from an insured car's owner gets into an accident will the driver or the owner be responsible for payments?

the owner of the car with insurance will be responsible

Who is responsible for keeping car insurance the owner or driver?


Does the owners liability insurance cover contents of a a fire when the renters lost everything?

Is homeowner liability for a fire?No, This is why it is recommended that tenants obtain a renters insurance policy to cover their belongings and personal liability. The owners insurance is for the owners own property and legal liabilities, so unless the owner is somehow responsible for starting the fire, the owner would not be liable for the tenants property.

Are boats cover under home owner insurance?

no, you should have boat insurance separately

What does home owner insurance not cover?

There are millions of things that a homeowners insurance policy does not cover. To find out what it does cover just read your policy, anything not on there is not covered.

If a non-owner of a vehicle has a wreck and damage to the car hit is paid by the owner but there is no collision insurance on the vehicle at fault can the drivers insurance be responsible in Tennesse?

No, The vehicle owner chose to accept the risk associated with not having collision coverage. You can not use someone elses policy to cover the owners collision loss.

If someone is driving your vehicle which is covered with collision and has and accident and is at fault are you responsible for all damages and costs or will their insurance cover it?

== == == == Car insurance follows the car. If someone was injured they can go after the driver if they weren't the owner of the vehicle.

If you are driving a friend's car and are in a wreck whose insurance is responsible?

Under most policies, the car owner's insurance will cover you and the damage done to the vechicle. If the fault was yours, their insurance company may request that your insurance pays for some of the damage, or that you pay for the person's deductible.