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It depends what the insurance was taken out for. Accident insurance would not cover this, but extended warranty or breakdown cover would.

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Q: Does full coverage cover if your car breaks down?
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Does full coverage cover vandalism?

Full coverage will cover acts of nature and vandalism and theft. Full coverage completely insures the car against all acts committed by others or from accidents.

Will full coverage cover your friend if you were in a wreck?

Yes it will.

Does liability insurance cover passengers?

no, full coverage does

If i cancel my full coverage and my car get stole they cover it?

Not if you now only have liability coverage.

Does full coverage cover auto theft?

there really is no such thing as 'full coverage', i know many people have heard and said this, if you have 'comprehensive' coverage on your vehicle that is the coverage that applies to this type of loss........

Will full coverage cover if your car caught fire?

Yes, that would be under your comprehensive coverage.

Does full coverage cover the other car that was hit?


What do you do if you have full auto insurance coverage and your car breaks down and is totaled?

Automobile insurance, in most cases, does not cover mechanical breakdown. If your car is not worth repairing from a mechanical breakdown and you are able to replace it within a few weeks to a month I would suggest keeping your insurance policy active. This is to avoid having a lapse in insurance coverage which could result in higher insurance premiums when you get another car.AnswerYour car breaking down, and your car being totalled are 2 separate considerations. If your car mechanically breaks down, there is no coverage. If the car has been totaled in an accident, there may be coverage. I guess, more specific info is needed.

Snow fell down off your roof and damaged the hood of your car Will your full coverage auto insurance cover the cost of new hood?

Yes, comprehensive coverage should pay for incidents such as this.

If you have full coverage insurance and a person who is not licensed gets into an accident in your vehicle can insurance cover your car damage?

Yes.Thats what full coverage covers

What is the difference between minimum and full coverage with auto insurance?

Minimum coverage is the minimum amount of insurance required by law. Full coverage is the full package from the insurer, insuring everything they offer to cover.

Does full coverage insurance cover theft?

if your full coverage includes comprehensive coverage then yes, Auto theft is covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy.