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No - auto insurance is not the same as a warranty. Insurance protects you against claims by other parties who may be injured by your bad driving, and, if you carry collision insurance, helps defray the cost of repairing your car after an accident.

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Q: Does auto insurance cover catastrophic engine failure?
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Does your insurance cover engine failure?


Does homeowner's insurance cover engine failure?

No, homeowner's insurance only overs damages on the house.

What does catastrophic insurance cover?

Catastrophic insurance is a type of health insurance that covers only big health care expenses. Catastrophic health insurance policies have lower-than-average premiums and higher-than-average deductibles.

Does the insurance you have cover the catastrophic insurance coverage I pay for?

No. A person pays for their own policy which covers them.

Does homeowners' insurance cover foundation repairs?

No. Unless the foundation problem happened because of an earthquake or flood (and you have insurance to cover both catastrophic events), then your insurance will not cover something that has degenerated with time.

Does State Farm offer catastrophic insurance?

State Farm does offer catastrophic insurance, as well as a wide variety of other insurances. Catastrophe insurance will cover you in the event of something (like an earthquake, etc) that is deemed a catastrophe.

Does insurance cover mechanical failure?

No, thats why you buy a warranty.

Does car insurance cover damage caused by a siezed engine?

No. Insurance does not cover mechanical problems.

My engine needs replaced will my car insurance cover this?

I highly doubt it. Unless the engine was damaged in an accident, the insurance would not cover it. But, you can ask them.

Will catastrophic insurance cover damages caused by a hurricane?

Hurrican damage is covered. Anything direct, sudden, and accidental is covered.

Does Garage Keepers Insurance cover non-collision damage to vehicle specifically engine failure due to diesel runaway?

No, it would not cover damage of that nature. Garage Keepers insurance provides protection in case a vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism or collision.

What types of damage or events are included under catastrophic insurance coverage?

Catastrophic insurance coverage includes many damage or events caused by both natural disasters or other accidental damage to your home. Damage by events such as flooding, lightning, wind damage, and other weather events are generally covered. Some catastrophic insurance coverage policies also cover damage done by fire, but check with your insurance company to be sure.