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You don't have to, but they may take the car back.

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Q: Do you still have to make a car payment while you wait for your gap insurance to pay on an auto claim?
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Can you change car insurance companies while a claim is still being settled?

Yes. You can change at any time. The insurance company cannot deny the claim because you changed companies.

Is an uncashed homeowners claims payment still valid after the property is sold?

Yes. The claim payment was compensation for a covered loss that occurred while you were still the owner. So there is no problem with you cashing the check.

Can an insurance company cancel policy for late payment after a claim is filed?

You bet. See, it works like this ... you pay for a service (insurance coverage) ... as long as you keep paying on time, you have coverage. One thing you don't want to ever do is make a late payment while a claim is being handled ... the insurance company thinks you are no longer interested in having them provide insurance coverage, and cancels your policy. Some insurance companies automatically cancel anybody for filing an accident claim.

What does the term transfer from insurance mean on a medical bill?

While waiting for your insurance to process your claim, it is listed in our billing software as insurance responsibility. Once we have received the payment and/or eob (explanation of benefits) from the insurance, the amount due from the patient is then transferred in our system to the patients responsibility. We are literally transferring the responsible party from the insurance to the patient.

Is insurance an operating expense or general expense?

it depends on the type of insurance.. workers compensation insurance, health, dental, or vision are all payroll expense.. building insurance is an operating expense.. Payment of insurance premium should always be treated as general expense,to be shown in the debit side of the Profit & Loss A/c of a Company,whether it is payroll expense for its employees. While preparing individual Balance Sheet, payment of insurance premium where life, medical,home owner or else, should be shown as payment/expenditure and to claim benefits under Income Tax Act.

Can you cancel car insurance with pending claim?

Yes you can, the claim is for the date of the occurrence which hopefully happened while you were insured.

Can you file a claim with your auto insurance with a driving while intoxicated?

You can file a claim with your auto insurance even though you had a DWI. You may or may not get something. There is a difference between filing a claim and collecting money.

Can you switch auto insurance while a claim is still open?

yes, but the new company will not recognize the old claim, and depending on the old company, they may drag their feet knowing they are getting no more money from you and then its all cost.

Can your auto insurance company cancel your insurance while you have an open claim?

Yes, your claim is based on the date that it happens so it's more important for you policy to be in force on that day.

Can you buy another car and drive it while an insurance claim is being sorted?

absolutely, just be sure to buy insurance for it

Will life insurance pay for cancer hospital bills?

Life insurance makes a single payment to the designated beneficiary for the entire amount of insurance. It does not pay addidtional amount for hospital bills or such. Don't confuse life and health insurance. Generally the hospital cannot make any claim on the life insurance payment made to the benificiary. Some life insurance policies have provisions that can make payments directly to the insured for part of the life insurance if the disease is terminal. The payments are at the request of the insured to use in any manner they desire.AnswerDepending on the insurance policy, a terminal patient may obtain funding to cover treatment while they are still alive. This is not a loan. After death, before the estate can pay out, the bills have to be paid.

How a bank employee claim for compensation for injury while on duty?

If he/she is covered under Group Medical Insurance scheme,he/she will be entitled to claim compensation for injury while on duty in a bank. If he/she is having seperate Personal Accident Policy, he/she should file claim with the insurance company and get benefits according to the gravity of the injury.