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it depends on the type of insurance.. workers compensation insurance, health, dental, or vision are all payroll expense.. building insurance is an operating expense..

Payment of insurance premium should always be treated as general expense,to be shown in the debit side of the Profit & Loss A/c of a Company,whether it is payroll expense for its employees. While preparing individual Balance Sheet, payment of insurance premium where life, medical,home owner or else, should be shown as payment/expenditure and to claim benefits under Income Tax Act.

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Q: Is insurance an operating expense or general expense?
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Difference between operating expense and direct expense?

Operating expense is the cost of running your day-to-day business. Operating expenses include rent, utilities, supplies, and insurance. Direct expense is an expense that varies with changes in the cost object. Direct expenses include materials needed to manufacture a product, freight charges to transport product, and taxes related to the sale of goods.

Is loan interest is operating expense or non operating expenses?

Non-Operating Expense

What is kind of operating expense is depreciation selling expense or general administrative expense?

Examples of operating expense ==> depreciation expense of a machine, impairment of goodwill Example of selling expense ==> advertising Example of general administrative expense ==> office expense

Restructuring charges be classified as an operating expense or as a nonoperating expense?

Should restructuring charges be classified as an operating expense or as a nonoperating expense?

Why debenture interest is expense but not within operating expense?

Issuance of debendutres is not an operating activity that's why interest on debenture is also a non operating expense

Is toner an office expense or an operating expense?

Office expense

Is insurance on inventory a direct expense?

insurance is an indirect expense.............

Is wages expense an operating expense?


Is an administrative expense an operating expense?


Where does prepaid insurance go on the multiple-step income statement?

A prepaid expense such as insurance is an operating cost and thus would be recorded under operating expenses

Is operating expense on Profit and Loss?

Operating expense is a loss, but is used in calculating overall profit.

Why is it important to determine whether the prepayment should be recognized as current asset or as an expense when preparing adjusting entries?

The importance of recognizing a prepayment as a current asset when preparing adjusting entries is to appropriately match the expense to the period in which the expense is incurred. This matching of revenue and expense to the proper period is a basic principle of accrual based accounting. For example, the most common of prepayments is insurance. Most insurance policies require a down payment of 30% and equal payments for nine months thereafter. If the payment is posted directly to expense there will be 30% in the first month and approximately 7.78% in the next nine months and 0% in the last two. However, the insurance expense should be recorded as 1/12 or 8.3% per month. By posting the payments to a current asset account as a prepayment and posting a recurring entry each month that debits insurance expense and credits the current asset, you will record the expense evenly over the year as the policy expires. The importance of this method of recording a prepaid expense is more important if there is unexpended expense at the end of the operating cycle. If the prepayment is appropriately expended during the operating cycle, the monthly accounting will be distorted but the annual numbers will be correct. If the prepayment extends into the next operating cycle, the operating cycle with the payment will have an overstated expense and the subsequent operating cycle will have a understated expense.