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All states require that you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to satisfy the financial responsibility laws of the state. Depending on the state where your co-owned vehicle is registered, the minimum limits of liability will vary. With advanced DMV systems, most states are electronically notified by your insurance company that you have carried continuous auto insurance. If you, or the primary owner of the vehicle are not carrying insurance your vehicle registration could be suspended. To prevent this, you must bind coverage and request the insurance company to electronically notify the state DMV. All registered vehicles in all states are required to have insurance. Even if you are listed as the co-owner, you have a legal responsibility to carry insurance. While the other owner may not have to be listed on the insurance, you will need to insure the vehicle in question under either your name, or both of your names as named insured.

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Q: Do you need insurance for a car you co-own if the owner does not have insurance?
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Can you drive a car in Florida if the owner has insurance on the car but you do not have car insurance?


Do you need to register a car that is already registered in the same state by the previous owner?

Yes you need to put the car in your name other wise the last owner well get hit for no insurance and you need to take on the responsibility of the car.

Does your car insurance card stay with the car or with the car's owner?

car's owner (you paid for it) I believe it must be with the car. If you lend the car out how is the driver to prove insurance?

You are eighteen years old and you have a license but not auto insurance the only other thing is that you don't have a car Would i need insurance if i was to drive somebody else's car?

You dont need insurance coverage yourself as long as the owner of the car you are driving has insurance on the vehicle.

How do you find out if the car you hit has car insurance?

You do not need to know if the car you hit has insurance if you were at fault. It would not matter if they have insurance because you as the at fault would be responsible for the damages you caused.AnswerIf the owner of the car presented you some documents stating that his/her car has an insurance.

Who pays when driver is not the car owner but has car insurance?

Usually the insurance policy of the owner of the car is primary and then if the driver of the car has a policy of their own then it is secondary.

If you have a drivers permit but not a license do you need insurance to drive someone else's car in Missouri?

No, if it's on a temporary basis, you have the permission of the owner, and the owner has liability insurance on the vehicle.

What cheaper Non Owner insurance of the insurance at a car rental store?

Non Owners auto insurance does not cover rental cars at all. You will need to buy insurance from the rental car company to be covered.

Does car insurance in Ohio follow the vehicle?

No. The insurance policy stays with the owner of the car. If the car is sold to another person, the NEW owner must obtain his own insurance.

Does the owner of the car need insurance on that car if they are not the one driving the car?

Yes. The owner takes out the policy and adds on people who drive the vehicle. The owner can be listed on the policy as a non-driver which might make the policy cheaper.

Auot insurance in MA and have no insurance?

If you do not own a car or live in a household with a car owner who is related to you, you don't actually need your own insurance as long as the person whose car you are driving has insurance. However, that is only true for the occasional trip in a friend's car. If you regularly use the vehicle you would need to get insured.

Do you have to be the registered owner of a car to get insurance on it?

Yes. Only a registered owner of a car can get the insurance. The insurance policy document and registration documents of a car both should be in a name of one person. The mismatching of documents leads to legal complications. So it is important to ensure that to get insurance, you have to be the registered owner of a car.