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If the car is still going to be driven, then yes it does need insurance.

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Q: Do you need car insurance for your salvage car in California?
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You need car insurance to get salvage title?

In Texas you do.

Do you need insurance for a salvage car?

You only need insurance if you are going to tag it and drive it. If it is just for parts or scrap, you don't need insurance.

Do you need to show proof of insurance to register a salvage car?

Yes, of course you do! :)

Do you need car insurance in California?

Car insurance is required in California. If you do not have insurance and are caught you may be subject to a fine as well as possible time in jail. Insurance can be found for a reasonable price

Where can I learn more about California car insurance laws?

You can go to There you will be able to learn about all the California car insurance laws that you will need to know.

How can i get a clear title for your salvage car in California?

You cannot legally. Once a salvage always a salvage. At best you can get a "rebuilt" title.

How could an an illegal alien register a car in California?

Yes, illegal immigrants can get car insurance in California. To get a driver's license the individual will need auto insurance, and a permit.

Is full coverage insurance worth paying on a salvage car?

Usually not, collision and comprehensive only pay based on pre-accident value of the car, which for a salvage is very little if anything. You will need liability and it might be useful to have uninsured motorist.

Where can I get a car insurance quotes for California?

AMICO offers car insurance quotes for the California area.

Do you need a drivers license to get car insurance in California?

I think you need to get a driver's license in any state to get car insurance period. An insurance company will not supply you with insurance if they don't have proof that you are licensed to do so. My suggestion to you...get a license!

Is car insurance required for California residents?

Yes car insurance is in fact required in California. Before you decided to drive you car in California, please purchase some insurance.

Is Virginia car insurance cheaper than insurance in California?

Yes, Virginia car insurance is generally cheaper than insurance in California