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  • It is recommended. Accident liability is not something a person should handle on their own, unless you really know the laws and all related dealings and procedures.
  • As the first answer suggests it is advisable to use a specialist lawyer, but in the UK there are some practicalities relating to legal costs which you first consider. If your claim for personal injury is worth over £1000 or your overall claim is worth over £5000 (including vehicle damage) you are entitled to claim your lawyer's fees as well as your compensation from the person At Fault. This will allow your lawyer to offer a "no win no fee" agreement. Any less than these sums and your legal costs will not be paid and will likely be more than the compensation you are entitled to. See the related link entitled "accident solicitor" for a full description on how to know how much your claim is worth before deciding on whether to use a personal injury lawyer or not.
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Q: Do i have to get a lawyer if the car accident was not my fault?
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Can I get sued by a passanger who was in my car after an accident that was not my fault?

yes if they have a good story and lawyer

Should you get a lawyer after an accident that is not your fault?


Can you sue if at fault in a auto accident?

Ask a lawyer about it.

We had a no fault car accident why is there a conflict of interest-?

The conflict of interest is at a no fault. The sentence should read "We had no fault for the car accident".

Who is responsible for an accident when car is not insured?

Whether the car is insured is not important, the point is who was at fault in causing the accident, it could be the person whose car is insured that is at fault.

If your wife is killed in a car accident that was not her fault how does the insurance works?

In the United States, you see a lawyer. The Insurance Company offers you the least amount possible. The lawyer may be able to get you a lot more money.

In a car accident will you be at fault if you were on the cell phone?

It depends what the other person in the car accident was doing.

Can you get money from the opther persons car insurance for your injuries even though the accident was your fault?

No. If the accident was your fault, you can not get money from the other person's car insurance.

If you get in a car accident which wasn't your fault but you have no car insurrance what haappens to your car?

You either get the at fault party or their insurance to pay or you have a wrecked car.

Who is at fault in a car accident involving a dog?

It's never the dog's fault.

Sample letter for to car insurance and accident was not your fault?

i have car accident on august 28, 2012 it was my faulte

Who is at fault if an underage driver wrecks a car and no other car is involved in the accident?

If there is no other vehicle involved in the accident, then the only person who can be at fault is the underage driver.