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Yes, it happens alot more than most people think. The most common ways are hitting that area hard - bicycle wreck, gymnastics fall, roller skating, doing a splits and twisting the wrong way and so on . . .

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Q: Could you pop your cherry by just falling and how?
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Can you pop your cherry any other way on purpose?

Some stressful activities are known to, under some circumstances, to "pop your cherry," such as sports. As for an intentional way, one could have surgery or just have sex.

Could you pop your cherry by falling and what ways of falling like how?

Cherries are popped only by penises my dear, not by falling or fingers.You can tear your hymen in many ways . Masturbating, falling onto something hard, like you bicycle seat , or astride a tree limb. Some hymens are fragile as tissue and others tough as leather. Have A GYN check-up .

Could you pop your cherry if you got kicked in the vagina?

No,only if somthing goes up "there".

Is it possibel to get pregnant if you get your cherry pop for the first time'?

There is no cherry to pop and if you refer to your hymen it can in no way protect you from pregnancy. The risk for pregnancy is just as big whether it's your first or 250th time you have unprotected sex.

Can you pop cherry late?


How come your cherry wont pop?

It has probably already been popped. "Cherry's" are a thin piece of skin that can tare vary easily. It could had been on accident.

Can a vibrater pop a girls cherry?

Yes it can - you are technically not a virgin if you have used a tampon. Therefore a tampon can 'pop your cherry'.

What is the meaning of shirt slogan save a cherry pop a collar?

The expression to stealing a womens virginity is often referred to as "popping a cherry". So the expression "save a cherry pop a collar" is implying it is better to pop a collar rather than a cherry ;]

How could they pop your cherry without even hurting you?

You can use a carrot or you can get your man to finger you. That is so way that can help to minims the pain. If that dose not work use the Paine of you man to pop your cherry and then you can have to pain tables. so there are some ways that can help to minims the pain in popping your cherry thank you. :)

How will your cherry pop?

I'm not sure :\

Does a girls cherry always pop?


What color is a woman's when they pop their cherry?

that depends on what type of cherry it is ?? a bing cherry, black cherry , marrachino cherry??? , id stay away from the choke cherries if I were you