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Depends on the specific insurance and the type of structural damage. The question is to vague to be answered adequately here.

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Q: Can your home owners insurance cover structural damage in your home?
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Does home owners insurance cover water damage caused by the neighbor?


Does home owners insurance cover termite damage?

NO, generally not.

Does home owners insurance cover carpenter ant damage?

Typically no.

does the grant cover structural damage due to weather?

does the grant cover structural damage

Will insurance cover structural damage in your home?

Yes, but it does depend on what the cause of the structural damage was. You need to look at your schedule of covered perils. Home owners insurance policies generally provide coverage for sudden accidental losses such as Fire, Wind, Hail, Falling objects, etc. See your policy schedule for a list of covered perils.

Does homeowners insurance cover auto damage to non-owners vehicle your property by someone hitting a pole?

Of course NOT. Homeowners Insurance does not cover auto accidents. That's what Auto Insurance is for.

Does allstate homeowners insurance cover condensation leaking from AC ducting damage?

No, your homeowners insurance does not cover AC maintenance issues. however, depending on the type of policy you purchased, it may cover resulting structural damage after you have completed the necessary repairs to your AC system.

Does home owners insurance cover the cost of a fallen ceiling in the house?

Yes, home owners insurance will cover the cost of a fallen ceiling. The only time that they will not cover it is if it is due to neglect on your parent of not keep the roof properly maintained on your home and there are signs of damage.

Does home owner insurance cover damage to property that falls from a trailer being towed?

The property is covered by the owners insurance only. If your trailer hit their property, their own insurance must cover it. If your trailer hits your own building, then your insurance will cover it.

Will homeowners insurance pay for structural damage caused by a contractor or sue the contractor on my behalf?

HO insurance policies are typically all risk and as such would cover such loss

Does homeowner insurance cover structural damage?

Yes. Your homeowners insurance policy typically provides coverage for your homes structure from losses ensuing from the perils defined.

Will home owners insurance cover a broken pipe under the slab on your home?

Probably not. It should cover any damage done by the break, but not the break itself.