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Q: Can you use granite cleaner on porcelain tile?
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What is the best cleaner for porcelain tile?

With porcelain tile you want to use a mild cleaner. Your local tile store should be able to help you choose an excellent tile cleaner. Stone Tech and Miracle Sealants make some decent tile cleaners.

What kind of cleaner is used on porcelain tile floors?

Porcelain is GLASS you can use whatever suits your are not going to hurt the tile... anything from Axax to Mr Clean & Pinesol can work

What is best granite cleaner?

i use granite gold cleaner.

Can I use vinegar and water to clean porcelain floor plank tile?

Can I use water & vinegar to clean porcelain plank floor tile

How do you attach artwork to porcelain tile?

Use silicone .

What cleans porous porcelain tile?

It depends on whether the tile is glazed or unglazed and what you are trying to clean off. If you are trying to clean a liquid that had seeped into the tile you may be out of luck. It may be permanently stained. If you are trying to do routine maintenance you can use a mop and warm water with a mild tile cleaner.

Can use sealer for porcelain tile?

Porcelain is usually sealed already. You then add sealer to the grout.

What adhesive do you use for a 20 x 20 inch porcelain tile?

Thinset tile cement.

What adhesive do you use for porcelain tile to hardieboard?

White thinset

Can you use acetone to strip wax off tile floors?

If you are talking about ceramic or porcelain tiles then yes. Granite tile and counters can also be cleaned using acetone. For softer stones like marble and travertine I would recommend using petrochemicals.

What is tile?

Tile is a building material you can use in commercial and residential use. There are certain kinds of tile you can use and they can be installed indoors and outdoors. You can choose between ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, slate, natural stone tile, and other types.

How do you clean porcelain tile floor?

Vinegar and water is the best cleaner for porcelain. The grout needs to be sealed regularly with a high quality sealer to maintain its color and to prevent staining. You can use a standard household mop and bucket or spot clean with a terrycloth towel.