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Porcelain is usually sealed already. You then add sealer to the grout.

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Q: Can use sealer for porcelain tile?
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Can I use vinegar and water to clean porcelain floor plank tile?

Can I use water & vinegar to clean porcelain plank floor tile

Porcelain Tile?

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How do you clean porcelain tile floor?

Vinegar and water is the best cleaner for porcelain. The grout needs to be sealed regularly with a high quality sealer to maintain its color and to prevent staining. You can use a standard household mop and bucket or spot clean with a terrycloth towel.

How do you attach artwork to porcelain tile?

Use silicone .

Can you you use wax sealer to ceramic tile floors?

yes you can a lot!

What adhesive do you use for a 20 x 20 inch porcelain tile?

Thinset tile cement.

What adhesive do you use for porcelain tile to hardieboard?

White thinset

What is the best cleaner for porcelain tile?

With porcelain tile you want to use a mild cleaner. Your local tile store should be able to help you choose an excellent tile cleaner. Stone Tech and Miracle Sealants make some decent tile cleaners.

What is tile?

Tile is a building material you can use in commercial and residential use. There are certain kinds of tile you can use and they can be installed indoors and outdoors. You can choose between ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, slate, natural stone tile, and other types.

Is porcelain or ceramic tile more durable?


What is the weight of porcelain tile?

Depends on the size of a tile...

Can you mix ceramic and porcelain tile together on a floor?

can you mix ceramic and porcelain tile on a bathroom floor