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Are you sure you can't use a normally onee? Well shot my friend did:?

no you have to have a special nose stud.

you can usually get those at sometimes Walmart but i prefer going to the piercing parlor and buy some of those. regualr earings would fall out of your nose... the nose studs are shaped like an L so they wont/cant fall out of your nose.

make sure you keep your nose clean and dont touch it without clean hands!

ive had to re-pierce mine several times because it has gotten infected.

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No Icing or Claires will do it rightt.

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Q: Can you use a regular earring for nose piercing?
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Can you use a ear piercing cleaner on my nose?

Yes, you can use ear piercing cleaner on a nose piercing.

Can you use a earring for your lip ring?

Yes You Can Use An Earring As A Lip Piercing. You cant Use An Earring For A lip Ring Though. Just use An Earring Stud. I Pierced My Own Lip With An Earring, and I Know Tons Of People That Use An Earring Studd. Just Make Sure The Earring Is Cleann.

Can I use my earring studs in place of a nose ring?

Yes, as long as they are the same size you can interchange earring studs and nose ring studs.

How do you get a 16 gauge earring in a 18 gauge piercing?

Use a taper or have a shop taper it out.

Can you use aloe vera on your nose piercing?

yes of course you can use aloe vera on nose piercing. it gives you a cooling effect and cures it soon. i had a nose piercing bumb erlier. i used aloe vera on it every day and night and now its gone.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean your nose piercing?


How much does a nose piercing hurt when piercing it and after?

A nose piercing hurts more when piercing it than after it is done. The pain generally lasts a few seconds and if done by a professional it hurts less because they use quality needles.

Is Hibiclens good to clean your nose piercing?

It is not appropriate to use Hibiclens antiseptic to clean your nose piercing because it does not favor quick healing; instead, use sea salt soaks.

What kind of earring are used in a rook piercing?

Usually they put a short bar in it, but they could also use a small hoop/ring or a captive earring.

What do i use to clean your nose piercing?

Alcohol should not be used on any piercing. Soaking your piercing in sea salt is best. you can also use non scented antibacterial soap to clean your piercing

Can you use a regular earring instead of a lip ring when your lip is already pierced?

no you can't

Is there a typical size earring that they use for first piercing of an ear lobe or is it different at every store?

It's usually 20 to 18g