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if the person didn't mean to no sorry

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Q: Can you sue if your car gets hit by another car?
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What will happen if i hit another car and i dont have any car insurance?

They will sue the owner of the vehicle.

If you hit a parked unregistered car can you sue their insurance?

Sure you can sue anyone for anything. The question is will you win. Let's get this straight. You hit a parked car, and you want to sue the owner of that car's insurance company. And your reason is that the car was not registered. Well if the car was not registered then how did they have insurance? What does the fact as to weather the car was registered or not have to do with the accident? You hit a parked car and that means you were at fault. But you go right ahead and sue. See where that gets you.

Who do you sue if you get hit by a car?

the insurance company!

Who should you sue in a car accident?

If you caused the crash, you can't sue anybody and win. You will obviously lose- you caused the accident. If you were hit by the car and were doing everything right, then sue the person who hit you.

Can you sue another party if they were drinking and had an accident on your private property and they hit your parked car and tore down your fence?


What can i do if the owner of a insured car hit my car but the driver is not covered?

Sue him if he hit your car and cant cover it. That is his fault for hitting you.

Who is at fault when your parked car gets hit by another car that was previously parked rolls as a result of being hit by a hit run driver Can I file a claim with the rolling car's owner?

The car that rolled is not responsible, the hit and run driver is responsible. However if the police do not find that person, you are out of luck unless you have comprehensive insurance (full coverage). You can try to talk to/sue the parking lot owner...Talk to stores that may have video coverage of the incident...

Can you sue a person who hit you for the loss of car value?


What happens if someone gets caught driving your car and has a actadent?

you will have to sue them because it is your car not there's

Can you sue your husband if he gets another woman pregnant before your divorce is final in north carolina?

No, you cannot sue him.

Who is at fault if you both enter the road at the same time and the vehicle in front gets hit?

I was a passenger in a wreck that involved 5 cars i was in the last car so who can my attorney sue

What happens if a car that is wrongly parked is hit by another what does the driver of the wrongly parked car do?

The owner of the car that was wrongly parked still has the ability to sue. They should get the other driver's information and file a claim on their lawsuit.