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Yes. You can sue for whatever you feel is appropriate and worth the attorney fees. It will be up to the judge (or jury, if you get one) to decide the outcome.

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Q: Can you sue if uninjured when your car is totaled by someone?
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How do you sue someone at fault in an accident if they have no insurance at all and can you sue them personally to pay for your car being totaled?

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Can you sue if uninjured in a car accident?

If you're un-injured. . . sue for WHAT? In the US ANYONE can sue ANYBODY for ANYTHING. The question really is, do you have any chance of prevailing?

Friend totaled car can i sue?

If friend negligently caused the accident, yes.

I let my friend drive my car and he totaled it how can i sue him?

you can't sue him if he had your permission to drive car. you need to collect from your insurance company. if you don't have insurance - you're outta luck.

What does the lender do when a financed car is totaled and there is no insurance?

Sue the owner of the car, since the owner was likely required to carry insurance as part of the financing deal.

My car was totaled in a car accident and the guy at fault had no drivers license but the car had insurance Will my insurance go up due to the accident and should i sue the guy?

Your insurance may go up it may not, also sue for allot of money!!!

What can you do if someone without any insurance hits your car?

if they are dumb enough to tell you their real name sue sue sue sue sue sue

Why would someone sue someone else?

Some would sue someone else if there was a wrong or harm done to them and they wanted to get back their damages in some form. For example, if someone smashed a man's car, he might sue them for the money needed to repair his car.

Can you sue someone for hitting you with their car when you were walking?

Sure, you can sue someone for just about anything. The question is, should you sue them? Were you injured? Was it an accident or was it malicious? If you feel you need to sue then contact a lawyer.

Can you sue someone if they totaled your car and have no fault insurance and you don't have full coverage From what I can tell I can only go after a mini torte and that will only give me about 800?

You should go post your question on - probably a lawyer will help you answer this or take your case!

Can a bank repossess a car or sue someone with whom they have a signed contract even though the car owner has a clear title for the car?

YES, the contract is what they sue for unless the car is listed as COLLATERAL for the loan. Then they repo the car and sue ya.

How do you sue someone for scratching your car?

you tbag them no need for sueing