Why would someone sue someone else?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some would sue someone else if there was a wrong or harm done to them and they wanted to get back their damages in some form. For example, if someone smashed a man's car, he might sue them for the money needed to repair his car.

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Q: Why would someone sue someone else?
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If you sue someone and they dont have any money what happens?

u sue them, what else?

How do you sue an adult daughter?

The same way you would sue anyone else.

If a logo is trademarked can someone else us it?

No, well they can, but the owner of the trademark can sue them for damages.

How do you get your horse back when someone else sold it?

Find out who has the horse and sue them if they did something wrong .O

Can you sue your auto insurance if you wrecked into a telephone pole?

Usually one cannot sue their own company if the accident was a fault of their own. If someone else hit you and caused you to hit the pole, the other person's insurance would be liable.

If you did a balance transfer from your credit card to someone else and they promised to pay it back can you sue them for interest if they have not?

Unless you had a signed agreement that the money would be repaid, there is no requirement for them to do so.

Can you sue someone for giving you a fake autograph?

If they gave it to you, what would you sue them for? If they sold it to you, you can ask for your money back.

Can you sue if you hit a sink hole?

Who would you sue...Mother Nature? It's just one of nature's issues, so there isn't someone or something you can sue for it. The answer is no.

Can you sue someone if their dog killed your cat?

Yes you can but you would have to have evidence of it. But I suggest you do not sue them because you wouldn't gain anything, and their dog would be euthanized and that is awful.

If someone gave me a car as a gift and the title and registration are in only my name and the person who gave it to me wants it back to give to someone else can they sue you for it?

if someone died and has a car how can you find out who it is titled to

Can you sue someone for assaulting you?

can you sue someone over 18 for assaulting a minor

You found a piece of cardboard in your salad can you sue?

In todays society you probably can. BUT! If you got sued every time you have inconvienced someone else or made a mistake, then you would be poor. If you sue over a piece of cardboard in your salad then you are a person of contempt. Talk to the manager about it and they may give you a discount on your meal. Sue? No I wouldn't waste my time or the courts time.