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HostGator makes unlimited Web Hosting easy and affordable with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and an easy control panel. Low prices and easy setup makes HostGator one of the leading web hosting firms in the industry!

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try the link below

I heard they were great ;)

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Q: Can you how your game server at Host Gator?
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What is a reliable and dedicated cPanel server host?

There are many reliable and dedicated cPanel server hosts on the internet. Some are Liquid Web, Hosting Zoom, Hi Velocity, Host Gator, Verio, and Resellers Panel

Which companies offer FreeBSD Dedicated Server packages?

There are several companies that offer FreeBSD Server packages. Some of these companies include Host Gator, Verio, Server Pronto, Colocation America, and Galaxy Visions.

What companies provide MS Exchange Server Hosting?

With small businesses starting up everywhere, the market for web and server hosting has grown substantially. Some companies that offer MS Exchange Server Hosting are GoDaddy and Host Gator.

What are the least expensive companies offering managed server hosting?

There are many inexpensive server hosting companies on the web. The prices range from $3.67 to $4.95. These companies are as follows: Fat Cow, Host Monster, Inmotion Hosting, Green Geeks, Ipage, Webhostingpad, Start Logic Hosting, Blue Host, Just Host, and Host Gator.

Where can I learn more about server load?

There are several great resources out there to learn about server load. The best available source would be Wikipedia. Another valuable source would be a web hosting company such as Host Gator.

How do you have an external host host your Minecraft Server?

no you can host your own server.

How do you host a Gmod rp lan server?

Click start new game.

Why do you need a host in Call of Duty?

Because the host connects to the server to host the game while the other players connect to the host. That way it doesn't bog down the servers.

How do you find out the packs username and password on wolfquest?

Well, you can have a friend or someone host a private server, then you enter the game using those. You can also host your own private server and give others the codes.

Does it make a difference who does my dedicated game server hosting?

Choose a host that is reliable. Also choose a host that is a low cost provider. Depending on the game the location can have a large affect on a players latency. The server hardware can also have the same affect. A company based around the region of the common player and with good server statistics would be the best bet.

Which type of DNS server contains the host records for the hosts in a domain?

which type of dns server contains the host records for the host in a domain?

Why does ps3 have free live and xbox 360 doesnt?

PlayStation Network is free as oppose to Xbox Live because each game on the PlayStation host their own servers. Microsoft pays for their servers regardless of who made the game. If Microsoft hosts the servers for a game that has a Xbox 360 version and a PS3 version of the game also exists and PS3 has the company host the server then doesn't Microsoft charge the company for hosting the server for the Xbox 360 game and also charge the individual for using the server so they can get money from both. Also if what you say is true then why are the Xbox 360 Microsoft developed games not free under Xbox silver because Sony must host the servers for Playstation 3 games developed by them without charging anyone or getting a game company to host the server for the game because they would be the game company