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You could use one of the many websites that you pay for them to host them to host the server, complete with many Bukkit plugins, ServerCraft being one. But if you want to host a server, and start it out from scratch, you could go to the top link in "related links" and download the "Multiplayer Beta Server" at the bottom of the page. It may help to follow a guide as to setting up the server on YouTube.

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Q: How do you host a server for minecraft?
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How do you have an external host host your Minecraft Server?

no you can host your own server.

How do you rank up on a Minecraft server?

You can't rank up on a Minecraft server because there are no ranks unless the host of the server has a rank plugin.

How do you make yourself an operator in minecraft?

You have to be the host of the server.

How do you get internet connection on Minecraft?

If you are the host of the Server, you open up Minecraft Server . Wait for it to load then it will say its ready. If you are going to someone else's server, and it has no bars, then there server is not active. (Which means they dont have Minecraft Server up).

Is it free to run a Minecraft classic server?

You do not need to own Minecraft to host servers for it.

Why cant you host a LAN server or go on one on minecraft?

You can.

Can someone host a server for you and friends on minecraft?

Yes other people can create a server for you,but if there is a whitelist you have to be accepted.You also have to get special free software to host a server.

Can two different computers host one single minecraft server kinda as a dual host or co-host?


Does it cost money to make a minecraft server?

If you host a server at your home or etc., then it is free. But if you host it at a site (eg: verygames), then it costs money.

Who hosts Minecraft?

if you mean minecraft servers well they are hosted by different people any one can host a minecraft server.

How do you restart your minecraft server?

In order to restart your server, you must close the program you use to host the server, and then just reopen it.

How much do minecraft mods of on servers cost?

Depends on your server host.