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If you have never had your period, then you are either too young for your body to handle Birth Control, or there is a physical issue that needs to be checked out.

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Q: Can you go on the pill if you haven't ever had a period?
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When do you start your new pack of birth control pills?

You start your new pack of pills when you finish your old pack. Lets say you had you last pill on a Wednesday, you then start your new pill on Thursday. If its your first pack you have ever taken then you either start your first pill on the day you start your period or on the Sunday during your period. At first you period will not go with the pill correctly; it my take a month or two for your period to adjust.

Can you get pregnant if you have not had your period in 7 month's?

If you havent had your period in 7 months you probably need to go to the doctor, that is not normal.

Havent had period in two months worried im 16 sure havent had sex.?

Periods come and go, I wouldn't worry to much :)

Did one direction ever go to Canada's wonderland?

no they havent but i hope they come

What happens if your period is late and you are on the pill?

you probably missed a couple, go back and check your pill pack.

Can you start the pill without having your period?

Your are suppose to start the birth control pill the Sunday after your period. If you haven't had a period its best to take a pregnancy test to make sure your not pregnant. If you test is negative then you can go to your gyne doctor and they can give you a pill to start your period.

What if your period has been delayed over a month?

Go to your doctor and tell them that you're worried that you havent had your period yet and it's been a month.

I am nearly 16 and still havent started my period what shall i do?

Go to the doctor and get some girl hormones.

I was on the birth control pill for 10 years. I came off the birth pill the end of March I had my period then and I haven't had a period since What is wrong?

You should go see your doc.

Why will your period not stop after having stopped using the pill?

Your body has to go back into a normal cycle after stopping the pill so it make take a cycle or two for your period to become regular. Go see your doctor to help you with this.

You just got a prescription to birth contol and you started your period do you take the active pill or the sugar pill?

If you just got them then i would wait until sunday or the day after you stop your period and you will start with pill number 1 then go to the sugar pills which you take while you are on your period!

My Girlfriend was on the pill for about 2 years and stopped taking the pill last month she has not had her period yet Can she go back on the pill before getting it to try and get her period back?

Chances are she is likely pregnant. Alot of times when you go off birth control you can become pregnant, she should take a pregnancy test.