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to answer your question in short...yes. i can say so with 100% garuntee as i am living proof. and its not a pleasnt experience either. my should arm and neck left side are in pain or a burning sensation up the side of my neck aqccompanied with headaches left jaw pain and this annoying ringing in my ears.

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Q: Can you get whiplash from a side impact accident?
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What type of attorney should one seek for a whiplash accident claim?

Someone who suffered from whiplash during an accident should get in contact with a licensed Whiplash Injury attorney. The person can also use an attorney that handles general accident claims.

Can you get whiplash from being in a car accident?

Yes, you can. In a 'rear end' collision the most common injury is whiplash which strains the neck.

Whiplash is an injury to the what?

It is an injury to the neck. When the head is thrown backwards from force-such as in a car accident-and the neck is overextended-whiplash can occur. Below is an article that goes into more detail on whiplash.

What is the typical settlement for whiplash and arm injury?

In the UK it depends entirely on the severity of the whiplash injury and arm injury, Your solicitor will obtain an independent medical report describing the severity of your injuries. To see examples of compensation amounts for different types of whiplash injuries and arm injuries see the related links entitled "car accident compensation" and "arm injury claim" respectively,

HIt in the face cause whiplash?

No. 'Whiplash' is the action of a head snapping back and forth, usually from a rear impact.

What exactly is whiplash when caused by a car accident?

Whiplash is caused by the sudden stop of a motor vehicle. Whiplash is cause my the movement of a body being stopped by a seatbelt and can cause serious injuries.

How long does whiplash take to appear?

Whiplash can appear at various times after an accident-as soon as right after and as late as weeks later.After an accident in which the neck sustains abrupt impact, the following symptoms should be accounted for:Pain or stiffness in the neckPain between shoulder bladesPain in the lower backDizzinessRinging in the earsFatigue or sleep disturbancesPain or numbness in hand or armHeadachesDifficulty concentration or memory loss

How can you prevent whiplash?

The best way to prevent whiplash in the advent of an accident is by ensuring that you have top of the line head rests. Head rests keep the head from snapping back from the force of a collision-this motion causes whiplash. Below is an article on whiplash.

What does a side impact accident do to the brain?

A side impact accident to the brain makes things vannish like in thin air. You forget things and never can remember them again unless you learn them all over again.

How long after the accident would whiplash occur?

Whip lash can not occur "after" an accident. It "occurs during" an accident.Answerstrait away

What is it called when you hurt your neck fastly?

Whiplash, if struck from the rear in a car accident

How do you get precription for whiplash?

You should first look up the symptoms of whiplash. If you were in a car accident, it is very important to have the whiplash documented in case you want to file a claim with insurance or you need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.