Can you get cancer by stuffing you bra?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Yes.Especially when you sleep with it on because its stopping your breast from growing which is probably why you have to stuff your bra in the first place

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Q: Can you get cancer by stuffing you bra?
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Can you get breast cancer from stuffing your bras?

No, you can not get cancer from stuffing your bra, unless your using electrical tape, that could cause a rash and possibly cancer

How can I stop stuffing my bra?


How can you look talk walk and think like a girl without stuffing a bra?

wear a padded bra

Can you get breast cancer by wearing a bra?

NEVER!!!! you cant get any cancer by wearing a bra!

Does wearing black bra cause breast cancer?

The color of your bra has no affect on breast cancer risk.

Can you get cancer from wearing a bra to bed?

No you cant get cancer but it will shrink your boobs...

How do you my breasts big?

to make your boobs look bigger you could try stuffing your bra with tissue x

Is 13 to young to wear a push up bra?

i don't think so . its better than stuffing

Is it true that 14 year old girl can have breast cancer if she wears her bra while sleeping?

Getting breast cancer has nothing to with wearing a bra.

Is the Genie Bra a sleeping bra?

Depends. Some people have said if you are sleeping with a bra on, you could get breast cancer and less worse, breast pain. The Genie Bra has no hooks, compared to others. There is a higher chance of getting breast cancer. So I say there is no chance of getting cancer, but maybe pain. That's it.

Is bra stuffing bad?

Chris Kellie Paige Megan and falon all think so. So yes

When you stuff your bra should the bra have pads?

If you are stuffing your bra, it doesnt matter if you have padding in it or not, but padding will give your breasts a fuller look along with stuffing. I don't recommend stuffing, mostly because if its not done properly it can look uneven and obviously fake. If you're insecure about your breast size, like me, you should really check out Victoria's Secret. They have tons of bras that can make you look fuller, like push-ups, padded, and more. They really know what they're talking about. I hope this has helped. :)