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i don't think so .

its better than stuffing

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Q: Is 13 to young to wear a push up bra?
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Should a 13 year old wear a push-up bra?

Depends on you! I'm thirteen and a 32A and I have a Gilly Hicks push up, not because it's a push up but because it's in the sale. Personally I wouldn't normally, but I'm small and I get teased so I wear one. I don't think it's inappropriate at all.

Do you have to wear a training bra for your chest to grow?

ok face the facts it doesn't matter what kind of bra you wear. Your boobs grow at there own pace. when i was about 13 i already had the bra size B 39. i only wore a training bra at night when im sleeping other wise if you wear a push up bra or padded then your boobs might not grow anymore for a while so i would only wear a training bra when you sleep. :)

Is it bad that you are 13 and wear an under wire bra?


You are 13 and your bra size is 12C is that normal?

I am a 16 year old girl and I wear the bra size 34AA and when I was 13 my breasts did not even start growing and I did not have a training bra when I was 13. You should talk to your mom or a doctor cause your bra size is not normal for your age.

You want to wear a silk bra but have small breast since I'm only 13?

I wear a bra because i have big titties . I am 11 i am not sure what you mean though. I wear a cup bra try that .I your titties are not big do not worry about an underwire

What is a34 and b36?

Well if your talking bra sizes then... A A34 bra size is what most girls 12 to 13 wear. A B36 bra size is the bra size right after the A cup.

Should a 13 year old girl wear a bra?

its up to you. what ever you feel comfortable with

Should a 13 year old wear a bra?

it depends if you have boobs or not and you don't have to if you don't want 2

If your 13 and your bust is developing is it okay to wear a bra to bed Does It Help Or Anything Or Does It Make It Worse?

Wearing a bra to bed at the age of 13 will prevent your breasts from developing anyfurther so it would make it worse!

Is 13 to young to be wearing a bra?

No way!!! Its perfectly normal.. In fact, some kids start wearing one at ten! Don't be embarrased! ........................................................................................................................ thats perfectly normal :) most thirteen year olds wear bras

How does the cup b size 32 bra look like?

its an average size. I wear that n im 13.

Im 13 and your bra size is 34a do you need a bra?

I'm the same as you. Yes, you do. No matter what people say to you, you do. May I recommend a good push up bra at Target? $13 each, they're red. It's special. Yeah you do need a bra, your boobs may be small but you can get padded bras or push up bras they're cheap and they boobs look bigger. I'm the same as you aswell and of course you need a bra. It's a bit painful otherwise isn't it? Bras give support and they're necessary. Plus, they wouldn't make them in that size if you didn't need them. Yes you need a bra. Every girl need a good bra. maybe get one with more padding. Or a push up. if u dont were a bra they will get saggy when u get old lol