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The policy you have will be specific for the car itself but you should be able to roll over your record with your auto insurance company to ensure you get all the bonuses and discount you have earned, for your new car on a new policy.

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Q: Can i add a new car to my new car insurance policy?
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If you get a new car and you have insurance on another car is the new car covered or not?

It is not automatically covered. You must call your insurance company and add the car to your policy.

Will it be cheaper for me to add the new car to my current policy or for me to get a new policy to cover both cars?

It all depends on the insurance company you are with, each is different. In most cases it is cheaper to add a vehicle to existing insurance policy rather start over with another insurance policy.

Can a new driver without a car drive their parents' car under the parents' insurance?

Yes, but the parents have to add the new driver to their policy.

Adding minor to New york state car insurance?

Simply call your insurance company up, and tell them you need to add your minor to your policy.

How do you get new driver car insurance?

You will need to get new car insurance policy quotes and then purchase a car insurance policy for your car. The cost will depend upon your car, its make, model, year and other factors. Insurance premiums for new drivers are generally quite high.

How can you get car insurance after your policy is cancelled?

Simple. You just buy a new policy.

Are you automatically covered by your old car insurance policy when you buy a new car?

NO... You need to let the car insurance company know that you bought a new car.

When do you need to insure a new car if you have current insurance on a different car?

It depends on the state that you live in and on how your policy for the older car is written. With my policy, in my state, the new vehicle would have the same coverage as the old one for 30 days. Your best bet is to not mess around with that and protect your investment...just add the new vehicle to the policy.

Are car dealers responsiable to add your new car to your insurance?

Car dealers often do this for you but I would say that it is your responsibility to make sure you notify your insurance company of newly purchased vehicles. I would guarantee that your policy states this in the policy language. Even if the car dealer says he will do it, it will be your responsibility to make sure you have insurance. Its not a phone call that you want to leave to someone else.

Where in New Jersey can I buy temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance is for anyone that needs a policy to cover a car for a short period of time Temporary car insurance is for anyone that needs a policy to cover a car for a short period of time Temporary car insurance is for anyone that needs a policy to cover a car for a short period of time?

What is the New Jersey law regarding car insurance?

New Jersey's policy for car insurance is that it is required by law. Without it, you can be arrested and fined, with your car and license suspended. Fortunately, a basic policy has been made available to everyone.

Why Should I Buy insurance Policy for a Used Car?

Nowadays, the demand for used cars has grown in leaps in Malaysia. Car insurance plays a major role in buying a used car. If you are also purchasing a used car, then you need to understand the insurance policy terms and conditions of the used car. When you buy a used car in Malaysia, there are certain things you should know to purchase insurance for your car. For examples:- Check Insurance Papers Transfer insurance policy ownership Buy a new insurance policy if previous owner does not have one