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Yes, When it comes to underwriting guidelines and acceptability of the risk.

A grandfather clause does not circumvent your Insurance companies underwriting guidelines or eligibility requirements.

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Q: Can home insurance override grandfathers clause?
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What responsibility do you have if a child runs into a car with their bike?

If you are the legal guardian, then you are responsible for what the kid does. You might have a clause in your home insurance that covers something like this.

Is there a clause in a life insurance policy that pays for a home if the owner dies?

It would be possible to write an insurance policy that way if you wanted to, however, normally a life insurance policy pays a fixed amount of money (known as the death benefit) to a chosen beneficiary. If the beneficiary then wished to use that money to pay for a home, that could be done.

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What insurance does Abbey Home Insurance provide?

The type of insurance that the company Abbey Home Insurance provides is called home insurance. The company provides automobile and motorcycle insurance as well.

Is content insurance just like home owners insurance?

Content insurance differs from home owners insurance in the type of polocies offered. While home insurance concentrates on the actual home structure, content insurance concentrates on personal possesions within the home.

Does Alfa Insurance have Mobile home insurance?

Yes. Alfa has mobile home insurance.

What is the mortgagee Clause for J P Morgan Chase?

The mortgagee clause for JP Morgan Chase is, JPMorgan Chase Bank for most instances. The exception is for hazard and flood insurance. In this case it is, Chase Home Finance LLC.

Certified home health aide for senior citizen?

I'd call your insurance company first to see what they can suggest. Also you can find them in the phone book and tour a few before you find one that best suits you grandfathers needs. That way you can both be happy.

What types of insurance does 21st Auto Insurance offer?

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Where online can I compare home insurance?

There is a website that only does home insurance call houseinsurancerates. It has a link on there home page that allows you to compare home insurance.