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There is a less than 1 percent chance of pregnancy occurring in this situation.

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Q: Can a woman get pregant 1 day after her period?
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Is the day of ovulation considered day 1 or would the day after be considered day 2?

Day 1 is the day a woman starts bleeding. Ovulation normally occurs on day 14 given that a period is regular. Day 1 is the day a woman starts bleeding. Ovulation normally occurs on day 14 given that a period is regular.

Can you get pregnant on the first or second day after periods are finished?

Yes. On average, a woman ovulates on the thirteenth day after her period starts, but women frequently ovulate sooner. Sperm can live inside a woman for 5 days. Count the first day of your period as day 1. If your period ends on day 5, you have sex on day 6, and you ovulate on day 11, the sperm may fertilize the egg.

Can ovulation start day 1 after your period ends?

Yes, it is very uncommon but it is possible if a woman's cycle is very short.

If you count your cycle from the day it starts when do you stop counting?

Count from the 1st day of your "Actual" Period From the first day of your last period until your next period, depending on how long your cycle length is. (for example, if your cycle length is 28 days, then the time you start to ovulate is around day 14. but every woman is different). For example, if ur period starts on June 1, then that's Day 1 of ur cycle. The first day of your period is the first day of bleeding, which is the first day of your cycle.

Why do you take the man hamster out the cage when the woman have baby?

two therys 1. so if the male hamster gets mad it doesn't harm the babies 2. so the male doesn't injure her while she's pregant

Can you go on the motorcycle in your first weeks of pregnancy?

Sure your only 1 week pregant!

What if your period is a 29- day cycle when is the conception time?

You ovulate 14 days before your period starts. Therefore you ovulate on approximately Day 15 (remembering that Day 1 is the first day of your period).

Is it bad to start the pill on your period?

No it is fine day 1 of your period or the Sunday following day one. Either is correct.

Can a women have two period and 1 month?

It can be possible that a woman can have a period twice in one month. I would talk to a doctor.

1 day late and the next day have light spotting?

If your period is one day late and the next day you have light spotting, it could be the beginning of your period. It is quite normal for the first couple of days of your period to be light.

What is the amount of time that an object takes to rotate once?

That is how we define a day. On Earth the period of rotation is around 24 hours = 1 Earth Day. On Jupiter, something over 9 hours = 1 Jovian Day.

What day will you have your period on a 25 day cycle?

You've actually already answered your question. If you have a 25 day cycle then your period will start on day 1 and occur every 25 days!