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It can be possible that a woman can have a period twice in one month. I would talk to a doctor.

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Q: Can a women have two period and 1 month?
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Can a women who has removed 1 of her fallopian tube still ovulate and have a period each month?

Yes They Can

You had two periods last month and missed your period this month?

If you're in the first 1-2 years of your period, it's normal. If not, call a doctor.

How soon after stopping the mini pill will you get your period?

some women usually get their period a month to a couple months after stopping the mini pill. 1-3 months!!

What happens if you don't get a period 1 month When do you start calculating your cycle if it never ended?

If you don't get you're period for a month or two you are either pregnant. And sometimes your period does come right on time so i would mark it on a callendar

How late can you be with your period but not be pregnant?

1 month

The last 2 month ive only had a period for 1 day is this normal. im on the pill?

Yes skipping periods is perfectly normal. Some women don't have there period at all while on the pill.

Is it normal to have your period 3 times in a month?

No. It's not normal to have your period 3 times in 1 month. You should see your doctor.

You have had a period 2 times in 1 month and you have unproteced sex?

i have had 2 periods in 1 month and i have unproteced sex

If i had 3 periods then stopped for 1 month could i be pregnant im onli 17?

The best way to tell if you are pregnant is to get a home pregnancy test. Most young women will skip a period or two now and again. But get that test and go from there.

Can you get period after your period?

Yes, you get them once a month for about 1-10 days, but sometimes periods are irregular.

What does it mean when your nipples are sore no period for 1 month?

you are starting puberty

Can you rely on hcg test after 1 month in delayin of period?


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