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it might be that your pregnant or your system is slower than normal

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Q: Almost one month not having your period?
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Is having your period twice a month then spotting a sign of pregnancy?

No. The norm is that when you are pregnant you have no period. See a doctor about your hormones, having your period twice in one month is not normal.

Is having a period twice in a month a sign of pregnancy?

No it is the opposite. Not having one is.

Does having your period twice in one month mean your pregnant?


How do you calculate period after having 2 in one month?

Its possible to have 2 in one month since most women have a period every 28 days. Just count how many days from the start of a period to the begining to the next. It should be a consistant number

What were the reactions to women given the right to vote?

They were happy and god gave them one month off from having their period.

Are you pregnant if you dont have your period one month but you get it the month after that?

No you are not

You had your period twice this month could you not have one next month?

You will probably have one next month. It sounds like you are having irregular periods. Going on the birth-control pill can often help sort this out and make your periods more regualr.

You are 15 and you have had your period for almost 4 years you missed 3 periods and then had a heavy one the next month after the heavy period you missed your next period is something wrong?

i say ask your doctor but i think yes

I had your period twice one month one the next and then nothing this month what does that mean?

How old are you? If you are still young and just having your first periods, it probably means your body hasn't gotten into a natural cycle yet.

Is it possible to get pregnant having two periods in one month for the first time?

Yes! You can! I had my three kids! Each of them every time after I have two periods with in one month. So I find out that I am most fertile the next month after that so I usually try having kids after my 2nd period! Worked for me 3 times already. I don't know how but it works for me! Haven't met anyone that has kids after having two periods in one month!

Is it bad if you have a heavy period on one month and a light one the next month?

No it is not bad, as some ladies have a heavy period for one month and then a light one or they may have two heavy periods and then one light one also.

What happens a month before a woman's period?

The only thing that happens exactly one month befor a woman's period is her previous period.