When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight how much of this weight is fat?

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7.5 lbs
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If someone weighs 142 pounds and has 10 percent body fat how much weight can they lose to get to 7 percent body fat?

It has very little to do with how much "weight" you lose, it's strictly how much fat you lose to drop bmi. You could lose 5 lbs and remain at the same bmi if all you lose is w

How much weight will you gain consuming 7.5 pounds of sugar?

There are far too many variables to answer this question. How fast is the sugar eaten? It is consumed over a one-week period? Over a month? A year? And what is the metabolism

How much weight do you gain by eating one pound of Chocolate?

The typical chocolate has about 150 calories per ounce, so a poundof it contains 150 x 16 = 2400 calories. A pound (including a pound of fat) equals 454 grams. Each gram offat

How do you gain fat weight?

eat a lot of doughnuts, coffee, sugar, soda, cake, pastries, pizza, mcdonalds, and burger king. don't exercise a lot. that's what i do- stuff myself with a lot of fattening fo

How much fat in pounds is it if a person gains an extra 10 pounds?

Well, there is no standard procedure to measure how much muscle the person has built, so if we assume all the weight was fat weight, then the person would have gained 10 pound