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It depends on how they won it . Here are some ways they could have won it :


1) increased U-boat & airforce production and more factories in the early 1930's

2)a) Continue opperation Barbarous ( the invasion of Russia ) , but after the British lost The Middle East .

b) secure the help of Iran in the war for the middle east and then the invasion of the USSR

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Q: What would Europe look like if Germany won World War 2?
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Did Germany or Europe win world war 2?

The allies won in both WW1 and WW2 against Germany.

In World War 1 were was the fighting?

Europe. like Germany and France and such

Where does this World War I happen?

All over europe, like in france, germany, belgium etc

Is Germany in southern Europe?

Nope, southern Europe would be like Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, etc. and it is in central Europe. At its furthest extent, Southern Europe could include Bavaria (Southeast Germany) and parts of Southern France

What continent was most of world 1 fought in?

It was fought in Europe primarily. Like France, Germany, a lot of it was on the Western Front.

Role of Germany during World War 2?

the Germans used weapons like rifles machineguns and smgs.during the war Germany armies occupied most of Europe.

What is contribution of Germany in the world?

Germany's contributions to human progress are numerous and exceptional. In fields like medicine, science, music, art, automotive, food, technology and more. Germany is Europe's strongest industrial and economic power.

What is the national game of Germany?

Football is the national game of Germany, just like most of Europe.

What part of Europe is Germany located?

The Federal Republic of Germany is located in the Western Europe. It borders the North Sea, between France and Poland.

Was the world war 2 just in Germany?

No, it spread like a plague over much of Europe and all across the Pacific. Also to parts of Africa, Asia, the Atlantic, and other places. If it had been fought only in one country, it would not have qualified as a world war.

What were the possible consequences of Hitler winning the war?

A lot more Jews, Russians, Poles and others would have been killed. And there would now be a Union of former Western Europe countries including Germany in an economic the Common Market, but it would extend eastward to include whatever territory Germany conquered. That assumes that Germany wins Europe but not,say, Africa or Us.

What would a map of the world look like if Germany won World War 2?

Well if Germany won, we probably all be speaking German right now. And we would all be deadish in the brain. And we wouldn't have computers.