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Millions will be born

n millions will die

but nothing will ever happen to this world

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Q: What will happen to the world in 50 years?
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What will happen in 50 years?

Doesn't matter the world ends in 2012.

What will be your future after 50 years?

People answering questions here cannot tell the future, so it is impossible to know what will happen after 50 years.

Things that happened 50 years ago?

i'm not sure but something did happen

What would be the world after 50 years?

the jl

How will the world be after 50 years?

Nobody knows.

What changes will happen to animal life in 50 years?

Mobility is the main disfunction when an animal turns 50. Hope this helped.

What will happen if forests are over in 50 years?

if forests are over in 50 yrs no life will survive non the earth and everything will be destroyed

How many polar bears were there left 50 years ago?

There was 700 polar bears left in our world 50 years ago.

What would happen if the world didn't have fractions?

actaulaly 50% of the world is a fraction. so that wouldnot be good for the econamy

What will happen to the world in 90 years?

Nobody knows for certain.

How much longer will the world have fossel fuel?

About 50 years

Why did it Xerox fail after 50 years?

Xerox Coropration did not fail after 50 years. It continues to be a viable corporation doing business around the world.