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NOTHING. That war was pointless. It cause World War II. It was pretty much every country proving their strength...

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Q: What were the world changing events of World War 1?
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What major events where happening in the world?

World War I, World War II, and the moon landing are major world events.

What are the important events in World War 1?

one of the most important events in world war one is getting to gallipoli

World events during 20th century?

World War One, World War Two etc.

What were two world events that happened in Joan Miro's life?

World War 1 and World War 2.

List some of the major battles or events?

world war one and world war war two

What are some world events of the 1940s?

World War II & Communism

What World Events Influenced The Art In The Renaissance?

World war two.

How the course of events went to being a local conflict to a world war?

World War 2

What world events took place during Edvard Munch's time?

World War 1, World War 2.

What were major events after World War 2?

Cold War.

What events changed the world?

Many events like for example World War 1 and 2 and the invention of electricity

Give you 100 great events after World War two?

See Website: World War 2.