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it was a cause

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Q: Was the dust bowl an effect or causes of world war 1?
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What is Geigenshine?

The Geigenshine is the tail (trail) of dust and small particles extending behind the earth as we travel through space. It is rarely seen from here on earth.

Did anyone eat food during The French Revolution?

Yes people ate. The food supply was in peril, but it never reached the level of mass starvation.

Why do people go on pilgrimage to Iona?

Iona is a small island off the western coast of Scotland. It was a centre of Irish monasticism for four centuries. Christians go there as a place of Christian retreat, and to share in the onetime place of residence of the famous Columba (521-597). Columba was exiled to Scotland because of a dispute in Ireland in which he was involved that resulted in a number of deaths. His move to Iona was a turning point in his life, since Columba is credited with evangelising the Picts of Scotland, and turning the island into a school for missionaries.

Did God create the world?

Yes! he did! Science/Creationists can prove that. It also is a possibility that God could have created the world through a "big bang." I question you, how could something create itself? Wouldnt it need a Creator? look at all the animals and all living things around you. Only God could have created anything so complex as your own body!A Muslim's answer:Obviously YES...The question is: "If God created the world, then why most of the scientists don't say it?"The modern science doesn't say directly that God created the world. So do they say the contrary? NO. They don't say anything about that. HOW? Very simple:The scientific answer for how everything came into being is shortly as follows:"The Laws of Nature made everything from dust clouds in the space."You can find detailed information about this.. I am not going into the details.As you see nothing is said on even God created everything or not. The answer will be obvious when we understand what are "The Laws of Nature" (LN).When we study The Laws of Nature we conclude that:1- The LN are laws and we know that if there is a law, then there is obviously a law-maker.Explanatation: There are laws in countries. And these laws are put by someone (government in this case), they cannot exist by themselves and this is crystal clear. According to laws of a country, a person who, for example, robs a bank will be punished and imprisoned for, let's say, 10 years according TO THE LAWS OF THAT COUNTRY. Now we say that according to this and this laws of that country he was punished for 10 years. We don't say this and this laws put that person in the prison. Even if we say, we don't mean it in a direct way. He was put in the prison by the government according to some laws. Saying that he was sent to prison by this and this laws of that country doesn't mean that it was not done by the Government. Isn't it?In the same way the LN exist, they are put in the Nature by someone and are controlled by the same Person who has put them. For example, one of the LN is that everything that has a non-zero mass attracts another thing that has a non-zero mass... This is a universal law and applies everywhere (This is also an evidence that there is only One Person who created and controls everything). So the dust particles in the space are attracted toward each other by this law... The collisions took place by the laws of momentum. Actually the mistake is in the interpretation. It should be said that "The Earth is held in an orbit according to the law of gravitational attraction, the attraction of the Sun." not "The Earth is held in an orbit by the law of gravitation." Still no problem, even if we say that we shouldn't understand the direct meaning. Otherwise, if we undestand the direct meaning in the example above and forget the government, we would be mistaken. Similarly, if we forget a Law-Maker, A Controller of those Laws, we would make greater mistake than that in the example.2- What scientists say is not completely wrong. They are explaining something true, but interpreting it wrongly. Let me give an example to make this point clear.We know that by the use of the modern technology we can control a huge machine by a computer. The computer is put somewhere away from the machine. Now a person is, for example, controls a car by computer sitting in a room. He drives the car and there is no one inside the car. A person unaware of modern technology tries to understand how that car is moving. He starts as follows:1- The tires are rotating, that is why the car is moving.2- The tires are rotated by the motor.3- The motor is working by electricity.4- The electricity is produced by a simple Natural Law - Motion of charged particles creates magnetic field and magnetic field changes the direction of moving charged particles. Moving charged particlesa creates electric current.5- ......Conclusion: There exist some laws and systems in that car and it is because of those laws and systems that the car moves. It is obvious that those systems and laws cannot exist there by themselves. There is obviously an engineer who has managed and put those systems and laws and it is him who is controlling it from outside of it... Driving a car from outside is something more complex and difficult and developed way of driving than driving it from inside it. Even if you don't see and you haven't seen the engineer of that car, you say that it is obviously made by someone. And even if you don't see the driver or any driver inside it, or near to it, still you say that it is being controlled by someone.So all what we say - this is done by this, that is done because of this - are the explanations of the processes that are put in the universe by Someone All-Powerful and All-Wise. He has created everything and He is controlling everything. But it is not necessary for Him to be seen. I mean not being seen is never an evidence for non-existence of something, for example of the driver fo the car by computer.Simply, everything MUST be created by someone and MUST be controlled by someone. And that person MUST be All-Powerful... etc. etc. Muslims call Him Allah meaning "The God, the One and only". Christians call him simply The God. The first step is that He exists and everything is created by Him.

What were the Conditions of child workers in the 19th century?

Children worked in the 19th century because most didn't go to school and it was better than running around in the dark. Also it got the family more money, they worked there (were hierd) because they could crawl under the machines to repair broken threads and to clean away dust or loose threads. It was good for the factory owners as they paid them less.

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What were two causes of the Oklahoma dust bowl?

The two causes of the Dust Bowl were drought and poor agricultural practices.

What effect's did the dust bowl have on the people during that time?


What two causes contributed to dust bowl?

over worked land and drought

What two causes contributed to the dust bowl?

over worked land and drought

What would happen if soil conservation efforts were not in effect?

another dust bowl

When did the dust bowl become significant?

The dust bowl became significant when it started having an effect on the agriculture and economy. The dust storms started in 1930 and were over in many areas in 1936. In some places they continued to 1940.

How did the dust bowl effect other countries?

The Dust Bowl, also known as the Dirty Thirties, was a period of severe dust storms in the Midwest. It affected 27 states and covered almost 75% of the entire United States.

What is a social effect on the dust bowl?

im so sorry but I practically dont know :(

What area did the dust bowl effect the most?

it affected the farms and people.

how do i dust a bowl?

No the dust bowl was not shaped like a bowl

What natural factor caused the dust bowl?

The long drought conditions were just one of the causes for the Dust Bowl- overuse of the land and falling farm product prices also contributed to this disaster.

Was the dust bowl really the shape of a bowl?

No the dust bowl was not shaped like a bowl.