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The Japanese, Italy, and Germany became the Axis through the Pact of Steel, though they did not send much military aid and usualy didn't inform each other of an attack on the Allies (like in pearl harbour Japan didn't tell Germany or Italy they were going to attack). So they were working together but they didn't send any armies to help each other.

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Q: Was the Japanese and Germans working together in World War 2?
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The Germans

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No, it was occupied by the Japanese

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The Germans, Italians and Japanese

Were the Japanese partners with the Germans during world war 2?


Who were the US's rival's in World War 2?

The Germans, the Japanese, the Italians.

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Axis powers

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Germans Japanese Americans

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they were in war with the japanese/germans/italians

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Germans,Japanese and Italy were the main People

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The japanese supplied and allied with the germans durind world war 2,even thouh they were in the pacific and the germans in europe

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they were fighting against the germans, japanese, and italy