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The icing of the overhead lines which may interrupt the operation of conventional railroad systems is impossible in the case of the superspeed maglev system because it has neither overhead lines nor power collectors. The propulsion components of the superspeed maglev system are installed in a protected position under the guideway table where neither snow nor ice can gather. Additionally, hardly any snow remains on the guideway even if snowfall is heavy because it is blown away either by constant train operation or (in particular where the guideway is elevated) by the wind. As the distance between the underside of the vehicle and the upper side of the guideway table is 15 cm, the superspeed maglev system can continue operation even if a blanket of snow should "cake together" on the guideway up to this height. In rare case where blankets of snow are higher, snow removers are used.

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Q: Can maglev tech trains run through snow?
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