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Q: What movie has a dance floor that opens up to reveal a swimming pool?
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How do you do the worm dance?

It's an old dance and it's done on the floor "you squirm around like a worm!" No kidding! I believe Dan Ackroyd did it in "The Great Outdoors" at the end of the movie along with the "Mashed Potato" and "Watusi" among other styles of dance. Love to watch that man dance!

What is a dance flick?

A flick is another word for movie, so a Dance Movie.

Did the movie Forrest Gump reveal the true identity of the person in the film?

No, the movie Forrest Gump did not reveal the true identity of a mentally retarded person.

What is the dance for bloodelf males?

The dance is modeled after Napolean Dynamite's dance from the movie.

Did the rockettes dance in the movie Captain America?

yes the NYC Rockettes did dance in the movie captain America.

Where did Edward reveal himself in the movie New Moon?

Edward didnt actually reveal himself but he almost did in Italy.

What is the dance movie where the last dance in it is done in white costumes and is a mix of ballet and street dance?

Street Dance 3D

Why was dance used in the sarafina movie?

why wouldn't it be? dance is awsome and it probably fit into the lets you show your personality in a different way and helps you express yourself!!

What happened in the end of the movie The Prestige?

They reveal the secret to the trick. His twin comes out at the end of the movie.

Is the movie dance flick a spoof on another movie?

not really.

What is the movie where the nerds dance in a dance battle?

It's Step Up 2

What page do Harry Potter and Hermione Granger dance?

They only dance in the movie.