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no its just vapor of water if its mixed with another element then yes

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Q: Is it dangerous to breathe in water vapour?
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Do you breathe in or breathe out more water vapour?

You breathe out more water vapour then when you breathe in

Do you find water vapour in the air you breathe in?


Do you breathe in water vapour?

Because its part gas and we breath in oxygen

Why do you breathe in water vapour?

Because its part gas and we breath in oxygen

Do dingos in the outback need water?

Yes They are mammals and have about as much water in their bodies as humans. When they breathe they almost definitely breathe out water vapour. They must drink water at some stage or they will expire.

What is occurring when you can see your breath on cold days?

The air that you exhale contains water vapour. When you exhale during a cold day, the relative humidity increases. Relative humidity is actually the percentage of the amount of water vapour in the air.(the maximum amount of water vapour that the air can hold at that temperature) The colder the air, the less water vapour it can carry. When exhaled, air mixes with cold air, the temperature of the exhaled air drops, but there is more water vapour. When the air becomes saturated, (relative humidity is 100%), the extra water vapour will condense, allowing you to see your breathe on cold days.

When you exhale you breathe this plus co2?

Trace amounts of water vapour are also exhaled, alongside the carbon dioxide.

Why do scientist collect data about the amount of water vapor in the air?

Scientists collect data about the amount of water vapour in the air because if there is a lot of water vapour, they can tell you that it might be humid, or that it is going to rain, or if there is barley any, you can breathe more lightly, HOPE THAT HELPS:)

What percentage of the air you breathe in is water vapour?

it varies from place to place. like if in the shower there will b lots more unlike being in the lounge

What is the most common gas found in the air we breathe?

Often it is water vapour, which can vary from 0 to 4 %. Otherwise it is argon, at nearly 1%

Where can you buy waterproof cyanoacrylate?

Pretty much all CNA glues are waterproof. In fact CNA uses water to cure (often, if you're having trouble getting it to "set" you can just breathe on it, the heat and water vapour in you breathe will accelerate its curing).

Is water vapor nitrogen?

No, water vapor is not nitrogen. Water vapor is the gaseous form of water, while nitrogen is a separate element that is found in the atmosphere as a gas. Water vapor is a result of the evaporation of liquid water, while nitrogen is a naturally occurring element in the air we breathe.