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Press and hold G button

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Q: How do you teleport in fable lost chapters?
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Fable lost chapters and Fable 2 is there a difference?

Yes. Lost Chapters is an extended version of Fable 1.

Where is falconreach in fable lost chapters?

that's on dragonfable not fable the lost chapters from la jackal

Fable the lost chapters cheat for max phisiqe?

There are no cheats in fable the lost chapters sorry.

How do you tell if you have Fable or Lost Chapters?

After Fable, the game will not completely end. There will be more quests available if you have The Lost Chapters.

Is there Fable 2 on PC?

no i don't believe fable will be available on the PC

Is Fable The Lost Chapters backwards compatible to Fable?

no its the same really

Is there any cheats for Fable the Lost Chapters?


Where is the arena in Fable the Lost Chapters?


How do you get a stove on Fable the Lost Chapters?

You don't.

When was fable lost chapters made?


How do you get the sorry expression in Fable The Lost Chapters?

it is

Can you kiss a girl on fable the lost chapters?