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Scalawags were Southerners who agreed to work with the Republican government of Andrew Johnson, which was unfriendly to the South.

Carpetbaggers were Northerners who came South to exploit the low wages - perfectly legal, but they were viewed as mean and unpleasant people.

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Q: What can you say with the words carpetbagger and scalawag about the south after the civil war?
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What did a slave think of a carpetbagger?

A slave may have viewed a carpetbagger as an outsider seeking to profit from the post-Civil War turmoil, often at their expense. They may have been suspicious of their intentions and seen them as belonging to a group that was not invested in their well-being or liberation.

Civil war words that start with ex?

Exoduster. A former slave who left the south after the reconstruction.

What are civil war words beginning with s?

sectionalism, secede, South Carolina, slavery, states rights

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What is a sentence with the words Reconstruction and black codes about the South after the Civil War?

The black codes started and ended in the process of the Reconstruction.

What were the NOrth and the South fighting for at the end of the Civil War?

In the beginning of the Civil War the North was fighting to join the South back into the Union. While to the South the war was about defense, to protect their new country Confederate States of America(C.S.A). By the end of the war the North was fighting against the 'Peculiar Institution in other words slavery, while the South was fighting to save it.

When did slavery begin in the civil war?

It didn't. It had died out earlier in the North, and the South was finding it harder to establish new slave-states. In other words, the South was trying hard to preserve a system that had outlived its time.

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