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institutional racism (apex)

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Q: Banks in the 1990s were more likely to approve whites for home loans than blacks or Latinos this is an example of?
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Which outcome of reconstruction most likely appealed to both southern blacks and whites?

the introduction of a tax-supported school system

Were the blacks brought to the US and Europe as slaves Christians or Muslims or both?

I doubt that anyone was concerned with checking details such as that. They were most likely neither Christian nor Muslim.

Which outcome of reconstruction most likely appealed to both blacks and whites in the south?

The Emancipation Proclamation. This allowed both white and black slaves to become free in the south, although it was not the most popular law in that area.

What advantages did whites have over blacks in a revolt?

Whites were probably better equipped since they had more legal access to weapons.They were more likely to be acquitted since a lot of juries were all whites.They better stuff on their side like the police, fire department, and the military.

What is the numbers of free slaves versus enslaved people in the each confederate states during the civil war?

The question is flawed due to a contradictory premise and therefore cannot be answered. There is no such thing as a "free slave". If one is a slave one is inherently not free, if one is free one is inherently not a slave. It is akin to asking what percentage of the water in the Atlantic ocean is dry? However, if by "free slaves" you meant free Blacks (to be Black was not inherently to be a slave as there were Blacks who not only were free, but owned both land and slaves in the Antebellum South), then an answer to that can be provided. However, in an exact or statistical manner I cannot provide the answer, for in all of the numerous reading I have engaged in on this topic never have I encountered statistics relaying that information. I am not certain if it is known. However (again), the number of free Blacks would have varied in each state. The largest percentage of free, property owning Blacks would have most likely been in Louisiana. Louisiana was the most liberal (in the literal sense as opposed to the political sense) toward free Blacks.

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What is an example situation of unwarranted assumptions and stereotype?

Examples: Negative stereotypes:All Blacks are lazyAll Asians are sneakyAll Latinos are on welfareAll Whites are racistPositive stereotypes:All Blacks are great Basketball playersAll Asians are smartAll Latinos dance wellAll Whites are successful

Which group the Indian latinos are most likely to control the industries and the government?


Which racial group is most likely to have a stroke?

strokes affect blacks more often than whites, and are more likely to be fatal among blacks

How do you spell recamind?

The likely word is recommend (suggest, approve).

The group most likely to approve of the Articles of Confederation would be?


Who gave blacks Bibles?

Most likely missionaries and other believers.

What race is more likely to fool around with same sex?

Blacks and Whites

Who are more likely to get in trouble with the law and eventually end up in prison?

Blacks and mexicans

Can a trampoline be put in an area where there is a homeowners association?

With the approval of your HOA it may be, but I wouldn't imagine they are likely to approve it.

Can mother of adult child in coma have power of attorney?

The court is likely to approve it. You have to apply with the appropriate documentation.

How do Icelanders feel about blacks?

I think the population is about 98% white, but if anyone there had any issues with blacks they would most likely keep it to themselves. Racism isn't tolerated in Iceland.

Is there a certain race that becomes obese easier than others?

Statistically, blacks or Latinos are more likely to gain weight than other ethnicities no matter what. Many ethnicities become fat while immigrating to wealthier countries than their homes. Generally language barriers, or simply misconceptions about weight gain, or different views on weight, cause weight gain when they're in the new country.