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Spanish demographic statistics do not provide this information. Data of 2011 says there are around 250.000 registered migrants from black African countries. Also there are around 450.000 black migrants from Latin American. Maybe around 50.000 Afroeuropeans and blacks from the United States and Asian countries also live in Spain. You must add maybe a 30% of non registered migrants, also there is a percentage of Spanish blacks from ancient times or recently nationalized and finally a group of people born in Spain from black parents.

My estimations ranges from 900.000 to 1,300.000 black and mixed black persons living in Spain by 2011. This makes from 1,9% to 2,7% of a total population of around 47,000.000. Maybe only 150.000 to 200.000 are full citizens or Spanish nationals, this means most of the black population of Spain is marginalized due to lack of rigths of migrants compared to those of the white population. Also racism is a strong factor for our invisibilization.

Finally lets not forget that genetic studies proof that there are important traces of black Africa in Spanish "so called" white population.

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Q: Black population of Spain
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