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Channel 160

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Q: What channel is syfy on xfinity tv?
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What channel is the hub on for xfinity?

channel 294HUB is on the XFINITY TV channel by Comcast. It is one of the most watched TV shows.

What channel is syfy on optimum tv?

The number channel is 67 on Optimum.

Does bell tv carry the syfy channel?

The channel Syfy on Bell can be located on different channels depending on what area of the country you live in. Syfy used to be called the SciFi channel. Many people like the science fiction programs that are broadcast on this channel.

What channel is syfy on charter?

SyFy is the new name for the t.v. channel 'SciFi'. The name was changed, and varies by television provider. On DirecTV, it is Channel 244.

What tv channel is syfy on if you have dish network?

If you have DISH Network, you will be able to find the standard definition SYFY channel on 122 and SYFY HD on one of the following channels, 4911, 5042, 5329, 5503, 5579, or 9432.

What is the classic channel for SYFY for direct TV in Canada?

yo moder

What chanel does WWE come?

Xfinity says USA is 672 right now on January 4th 2020, and says monday night raw is on at 8pm... I live on the west coast and my parents have Direct TV wich is airing at 5pm tonight also in USA channel 242. I am upset because I cant figure out why xfinity would air it 3 ours after! Anyone know why this is or how I can see it actually live on xfinity? I dont understand and am new to xfinity. About to switch back to direct tv! Ugghh

What is the direct tv channel that destination truth plays on?

Ch 244 syfy

What channel is on syfy?

what channel is syfy on?

What TV channel is Monster High on cable?

only if you have comcast or Xfinity it is on 44

What does SYFY stand for?

If you're refering to the tv channel, it stands for SciFi, or Science Fiction

What channel number is syfy on?

122 on dishnetwork