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Ballet dancers are probably stronger mentally as it takes years of training and practice and stretching, pain etc.However i think they are probably above or on the same level physically, as hockey players probably do a lot of training too. But then again, i am not a hockey player so i wouldn't know! Hope this helps :) PS i just got wikianswers hehaheh

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Q: Are dancers stronger than hockey players?
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Are football players stronger than ballerinas?

NO.It is a proven fact that most male dancers are stronger than football players. Football players only carry a ball and ram into people. Dancers actually have to stack their bones just right to be able to lift other dancers high in the air, then either move while they are in the air or stand on your toes.

Is a ballet dancer stronger than a rugby player?

Ballet dancers and rugby players are strong in different ways. I think that male ballet dancers might be stronger but it's hard to judge

Is football players stronger than ballet dancers?

Dancers are a lot stronger for lifts and leaps and turns. Everything is more technical and you can't even begin with all of the hard technical skills until you are strong. Stronger than a football player even. They run with a ball and stuff but they don't have to have the strength to support their bodies in various ways.

Are ballet dancers fitter than footballl players?

Hell yes ballet dancers are stronger. Footbal players are all meat and muscle that isnt true. Ballet dancers also can go on pointe it takes extreme muscle time and effort to do that. Anyone can doggie pile like an idiot but can anyone do a double pirouette on pointe? The answer is no.

How many more football players get hurt than dancers?

zero, dancers get injured more.

Average salary for hockey players in the Southern professional league?

East Coast Hockey League players make considerably less than pro players. The East Coast Hockey League's average salary is $380 per week.

Why do certain hockey teams have considerably more players than others?

Some hockey teams might have better hockey areas to play on and have a better chance to win. Some people might not know how to play hockey and that is why some teams are lacking hockey players.

What percent of hockey players get drafted to the NHL or a different hockey organization form Maine college?

The percentage of hockey players from Maine colleges being drafted to the NHL or other hockey organizations is very low, typically less than 1%. The majority of college hockey players do not get drafted and pursue other paths in their hockey careers.

Do hockey players get paid more than football players?

It depends on how good you are at the sport

How hockey pool?

WTF? a hockey website that you pick ur fav players and see if u get more total points than anyone else

What percentage of minor hockey players play in the NHL?

1 of 5,000 players will make it more than 5 years at the NHL level.

Will Stiga rod hockey players fit a Franklin Pro rod hockey game?

I have been wondering the same thing... I have the franklin ultimate rod hockey pro model and one players stick is bigger than the other players due to the slot offset on the playing surface.. i have found that the stiga rod hockey players all have the same size a little upset that i too cannot find options to pick new teams/players out