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Three Strikeouts in one game is called the Silver Sombrero. Four strikeouts in one game is called the Golden Sombrero.

Golden Sombrero has always been 4 in a game, but Silver sombrero I think is just a take off of this. In the past, this was referred to as a Hat Trick.

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Q: Why are 4 strikeouts called a silver sombrero?
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What do you call 4 stikeouts by a batter in a single game?

Golden sombrero.

Who holds the Strikeout record for the Los Angeles Angels?

For the Los Angeles Angels single game records, the pitcher with the most strikeouts in one game of nine innings is Nolan Ryan with 19. The pitcher with the most strikeouts in a game with extra innings is also Nolan Ryan with 19. The pitcher with the most strikeouts in one inning is Chuck Finley with 4. The record for most strikeouts in a game by the team is 18. The player with the most strikeouts in one game while batting is Dallas McPherson with 4. The most strikeouts by a batter in a game with extra innings is Billy Cowan with 6.

Who were the top 10 national league batters vs Sandy Koufax?

For batters that had at least 20 at bats against Koufax: 1) Bill Virdon - 21 for 52 for a .404 batting average with 0 HRs, 3 RBIs, and 8 strikeouts. 2) Gene Oliver - 20 for 51 for a .394 batting average with 4 HRs, 9 RBIs, and 11 strikeouts. 3) Hal Smith - 12 for 33 for a .364 batting average with 1 HR, 9 RBIs, and 4 strikeouts. 4) Hank Aaron - 42 for 116 for a .362 batting average with 7 HRs, 16 RBIs, and 12 strikeouts. 5) Jesus Alou - 12 for 34 for a .353 batting average with 1 HR, 4 RBIs, and 7 strikeouts. 6) Stan Musial - 13 for 38 for a .342 batting average with 2 HRs, 7 RBIs, and 5 strikeouts. 7) Ted Kluszewski - 9 for 27 for a .333 batting average with 0 HRs, 1 RBI, and 1 strikeout. 8) Smokey Burgess - 7 for 22 for a .318 batting average with 1 HR, 4 RBIs, and 5 strikeouts. 9) Walt Moryn - 9 for 29 for a .310 batting average with 1 HR, 4 RBIs, and 9 strikeouts. 10) Ed Kasko - 19 for 62 for a .306 batting average with 0 HRs, 4 RBIs, and 10 strikeouts.

The number of strikeouts in an inning of baseball?

There can be an infinite number of strikeouts in one inning. Usually and most of the time there are three but there are times it can be 4 or more. If the catcher drops a third strike and the batter reaches first base safely, that is still recorded as a strikeout for the pitcher.

If a batter on a third strike dropped runs to first and is safe because of an E2 - is it still a K for the pitcher?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, in MLB history there have been about 40-50 pitches credited with 4 strikeouts in one inning because of this. Click on the 'Four Strikeouts in One Inning' link below to see all MLB pitchers that have been credited with four strikeouts in one inning.

What is the 4 gym leader called in soul silver?

It is Morty. A ghost type Pokemon user.

What are some of the accomplishments of Steve Carlton?

Steve Carlton was a 4 time Cy Young Award winner, a 10 time All Star, and the winner of the Gold Glove award in 1981. In 1972 He had the triple crown in pitching leading the league with a .197 ERA, 310 Strikeouts, and 27 wins. He lead the National League 4 times in wins, and 5 times with the most Strikeouts. Steve calton had 6 - 20 game seasons, won 329 games in his career, and 4136 career Strikeouts.

What has more silver 4 silver quarters or 1 silver dollar?

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Which baseball player in the record books had most runs most batted most bases on the ball and most strikeouts during world sereis in 1988?

The 1988 World Series was between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics where the Dodgers pulled away with a 4-1 victory. The leaders for RBIs, walks and strikeouts were: RBIs: Mickey Hatcher (5 for Dodgers) and Jose Canseco (5 for A's) Walks: Mike Davis (4 for Dodgers) and Ron Hasse, Mark McGwire (both had 4 for A's) Strikeouts: John Shelby (7 for Dodgers) and Dave Henderson (7 for A's)

In baseball when a batter strikeouts who gets credit for the out The pitcher or catcher?

MLB Rule 10.09b-4 is pretty unambiguous: The official scorer shall credit an automatic putout to the catcher when a: ... (4) batter is called out for being touched by his own batted ball;

Who is the all time strikeout king in the major leagues?

Here is the information I got from two different sources: Reggie Jackson struck out 2597 times, hard to believe for a man who maintained a career .490 batting average and hit 563 home runs. The .490 was Jackson's slugging percentage, not his batting average. His career batting average was .262. Bobby Bonds set the record for the most strikeouts in one season with 189, but of all time I think it is Reggie Jackson.

Who is the Pitcher with over 3000 strikeouts and fewer than 1000 walks?

Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Phil Niekro and Walter Johnson. Randy johson has also done it w/ 303 wins and 4875 strikeouts