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John Krasinski

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Q: Who plays Jim Halpert on the Office?
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What is Jim's last name from the Office?

Halpert. Or in real life Krasinski. Jim Halpert. John Krasinski :)

Who plays Jim halpert?

John Krasinski

When was Jim Halpert created?

Jim Halpert was created in 2005.

What is the full name of Jim and Pam's baby on the office?

Cecilia Marie Halpert

What is Jim Halpert famous for?

Jim Halpert is a character played by John Krasinski on the popular television sitcom the Office. He is one of the main characters, and some would say the star of the show.

John Krasinski Ben Murphy in the 2007 movie License to Wed played Jim Halpert on what sitcom?


Who is Jim on the office?

Jim Halpert is a salesman (then co-regional manager as of season 6, then a salesman again) of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton, part of Sabre Corporation, and is played by John Krasinski.

What is the name of Pam and Jim's baby?

Cecelia Marie Halpert

What was Jim Halpert for Halloween?

3 hole punched Jim and book face/face book

What was the name of the receptionist in the TV series The Office?

Her name is Jenna Fischer or as in the show, Pam Beesly/Halpert.

When was Samuel Halpert born?

Samuel Halpert was born in 1884.

When did Samuel Halpert die?

Samuel Halpert died in 1930.