Who is A Sariano?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs.

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Q: Who is A Sariano?
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How much is an A Sariano oil painting worth the certification number is 561657?

we also have an A. sariano painting but are unable to find out anything about the artist. Ours is a fairly large painting and we paid $75 for it.

What is the value of a a sariano oil paint of a harbor 12 x 16?

As much as you can get for it! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

How much are a sariano paintings worth I have a boat at dock?

It's very difficult to say, because it depends on size, number of copies if it's a etching. If you can tell more about it, I could tell more. Not is too information, beside if you find in internet there are different prices for the same works.

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Does Fine Arts 260 a division of BOTM Club still exist?

I don't think so. I was a member in the late 70's or early 80's but let my membership laps. When I tried to join again I was told that the buying club was no longer in existence. I agree the club, Fine Arts 260, no longer exists; however, I own several prints, which I purchased from that club. I can identify the artists of about half of them and am looking for help. Did anyone collect the literature from that club or compile a catalogue of the prints? I discovered one of the prints by Guanse had recently sold for almost $400.00, which gives former club members an idea of the value of the prints. I suspect there are a lot of us out here, who are in the same position. At the time of purchase, small cards with information about the print, including the artist were distributed, but I lost those through several different moves and changes of addresses. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. (3rd owner) I was a charter member to the club which started out as Ataliers International. It changed names fairly quickly to Fine arts 260, whether because someone else had rights to original name or whatever. Limited editions of 260 prints for sale + a small number of "artist's proofs" (I believe 25 or 35) were produced, numbered and signed by the artist and then the plates destroyed. I have almost the identical problem to the original responder - several great prints that I can't identify because of lost cards. Often can't read artist's signature so no easy way to hunt for others for sale or to establish value. I also was a charter member of the club. I can identify several prints by Raphael Soyer and Jean Sariano but other prints I can not read the signature and have lost the papers that came with the prints. Perhaps someone reading this can provide a list of the prints and artists. Where there is live there is hope !