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Pete Rose

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Q: Who has the record for base hits at 4256?
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Which MLB player has the record for most hits?

pete rose with 4256 hits 1963-1986

How many hits does Derek Jeter need to be the all-time hits leader?

1331.After the 2010 MLB season, Jeter has 2926 career base hits. Pete Rose holds the MLB record for career base hits with 4256.If Jeter plays for 7 more seasons and averages 190 base hits per season, at the end of the 2017 season he would have 4256 base hits and be tied with Rose for the MLB record. He would be 43 years old in 2017.UPDATE: Through the 2012 season, Derek Jeter now has 3,304 hits. He would need 952 more.

Who is Baseball all time leader with 4256 hits?

Pete Rose holds the record for all time Career hits with 4,256.

Who has the most hits in one career?

Pete Rose, of course. 4256 career hits.

What baseball player got the most hits of all time?

Pete rose 4256 hits

Who has most lifetime base hits?

Ty Cobb has the most base hits record of 4,191.

What is the record for most base hits?


What players have most homeruns and hits?

Barry Bonds 762 homeruns Pete Rose 4256 hits

Who holds the New York Yankees record for most base hits?

Through 2010, Derek Jeter holds the record for most base hits for a Yankee with 2,926.

Who is the all time hit leader in MLB?

Pete Rose with 4256 hits.

What is the major league record for the number of base hits to start a game?


What is the greatest common factor of 72 and 4256?

The GCF of 4256 and 72 is 8