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At least 20 plate appearances: Rene Gonzales who hit .500 on 8 for 16 with 5 walks and was hit by a pitch 3 times.

At least 30 plate appearances: Bob Melvin and Albert Pujols who hit .452 on 14 for 31 with 2 walks each.

At least 50 plate appearances: Randy Velarde who hit .408 on 20 for 49 with 6 walks.

At least 75 plate appearances: Devon White who hit .288 on 19 for 66 with 8 walks and 1 hit by pitch.

Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson had the most plate appearances against Johnson with 89. He hit .115 on 7 for 61 with 28 walks.

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Q: Who had the best career batting average against randy Johnson?
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