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The term "dogpile" probably originated as a US football term for a "gang tackle" (three or more tacklers on a runner). It was adopted as a term for a celebration at the end of sporting events (usually Baseball) when the players would "pile up" on the field after a victory. The slang internet usage is similar to "piling on" where a group of indivuiduals will participate in joint responses, especially disparaging, to a single initial post or comment. The internet meta-search site "" is one of several (including that merge multiple responses from other major search engines. is owned by InfoSpace.

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Q: Where does the name dogpile come from?
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What country does your last name Archuleta come from?

yahoo, dogpile, or google it, couch patatoe!

Who owns dogpile?

Infospace owns dogpile

Is dogpile a web browser?

dogpile is like google, it is a search engine

How many dogs can be in a dogpile?

Any number really it depends how big the dogpile is.

Is dogpile a metasearch engine?

Yes.........DogPile is a meta-search engine.

Name five search engines?

Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Bing, Cox Internet Service.

What are some search engines other than Google?

Google, Yahoo!, Dogpile, Bing, and, to name a few..

Who found dogpile?

Dogpile search engine was created by Aaron Flin. It began operating in November of 1996 and is a registered trademark of Blucora Inc.

How does dogpile differ from Google or ask?

It is very simple to answer, what is difference between Dogpile and Google, one needs to carefully consider the different functions and capabilities of each search engine. For years, Google has offered the world's most popular Web search tool. In contrast, Dogpile is a much less well known. Dogpile can be described as a meta-search engine; it presents results from several different Web search tools including Bing, Yahoo! and Google.

What happened to dogpile spy search?

Dogpile Search Spy was removed by its owners in 2011. There were rumors of a replacement search engine, but those rumors were never confirmed.

What are ways you can learn about your rights?

Google, Dogpile, Wikipedia, etc.

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I don't know the answer and I want to know how to get rid of it